partner recruitment

Manpower planning is carried out every year based on Clients Business Projection and client’s needs. One of the main strategies we employ in Manpower planning is to match the client’s skill requirement to the selection of qualified candidates, thus ensuring that we get the best qualified people according to the job specification on hand. To recruit employees, following methods are used:

  • On Campus Recruitment
    We realize that a majority of talent and innovative thinking comes out of the fresh graduates and existing student pool in A-grade colleges and educational institutions. We try and get the cream of the crop regularly from best educational institutes. We conduct interviews not only with students on campus but also include teaching staff so as to gain a good perspective on the abilities of the students. Some of the reputed institutions we visit for on campus recruitment activities include IIM’s, IIT’s, BITS PILANI etc.

  • Trainees
    Grooming trainees coming from different parts of India is an on going process which helps MNJ Software minimize efforts and resources to recruit employees. Trainees based on their merit and client’s requirements are accommodated into the system.

  • Placement Consultants
    Leading placement agencies dealing in required specialized field and having quality data bank are approached for our requirements in different fields.

  • Advertisements
    If need be advertisements are released through various mediums such as TV Cable, Commercials, leading newspapers, Employment Channels in India to fulfill requirements on hand. We also do a lot of advertisements keeping in mind the scope of manpower pool required by the clients also, so as to avail the most suitable candidates for the exact openings.

  • Job Portals
    If need be an advertisement on job portals as well as database screening through these portals is referred to, for getting the best mix of candidates from all over India for various requirements.

  • Procedure
    After short-listing the resumes, interviews are conducted by the Business Heads, HR as well as the technical team. An aptitude test is conducted, if the candidate clears the test, then the candidate is called for an interview.

  • Facilities
    To provide employees high level of comfort, MNJ Software believes in providing the best working place to its employees. Moreover, company believes in flexible

Company is maintaining a Software library as well as a library with books on various platforms, technologies to enable our employees to increase their skill and knowledge.

Accommodation is provided to employees coming from outstation and as well as to the new recruits to make them feel comfortable.