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Today, adoption of emerging and innovative technology is increasingly happening for realizing business benefits and technology is no longer seen as a "differentiator" in a globally competitive landscape. End customers want breakthrough solutions at lower cost, with the result that technology investment and adoption is increasingly becoming a line function. At the same time, business groups face the challenge of lack of subject matter experts and processes by which to induct newer technologies and solutions into the existing IT landscape and measure the success.

MNJ Software has a proven track record and deep skills in the process and practice of technology adoption and change management, starting from evaluation, solution engineering to adoption; be it a technology, software tool, an emerging technology standard, a mobile product or simply an emerging architectural pattern for IT enablement.

Our Technology Advisory Service Offerings

We offer the following Technology Advisory and Adoption services which address niche requirements from conceptualization and development to rollout.

  • Technology and Vendor Evaluation Services
    • Technology scorecard
    • Technology adoption roadmap
    • Initial business case/feasibility report
    • RFP creation
    • COTS/Build strategy assessment and analysis
    • Vendor analysis and selection.
  • Solution Development and Engineering Services
    • Creating Solution Specification
    • Validation thru Prototyping and Proof of Concepts
    • Solution Architecture and Design
    • Solution Development
    • COTS product integration
    • Pilots and Beta Testing
    • Internationalization and Localization
    • Testing Strategy & Process Consulting
    • Functionality and Regression Testing
    • Usability Testing
    • Performance Testing.
  • Emerging Technology Rollout Services
    • Vendor Coordination and SMEs, to create continuity of strategic focus between evaluators and users
    • Rollout Infrastructure Assessment & Optimization
    • Business Continuity Assessment/ Implementation
    • Technical help desk
    • Program management
    • 24 X 7 support
    • Solution change management.

SmartBET: MNJ Software framework for Technology Adoption

SmartBET is a process backed evaluation and adoption framework developed by MNJ Software, and builds on our deep skills and experience in helping our clients evaluate technologies in the context of their usage within the business.

SmartBET analyzes technology adoption by evaluating against three different parameters viz, Business alignment, the Ecosystem that supports the technology adoption and the Technology itself.