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How well do you know your customers? Claims status and history. Channel preferences. Individual profiles. Gathering and leveraging this information is the key to personalizing your relationship with each customer. By analyzing this data, you can also offer new products and services to help increase the value of every client. Center your resources—people, processes and technologies—around your customers.


MNJ Software’s application lifecycle management solutions cover a full range of IT areas from IT service management, IT compliance, software change management, deployment and release management, and IT portfolio management.  Our solutions ensure that your requests, changes, and releases are consistently captured, viewed, and tracked across your entire IT organization—including service desk, application development, and network operations.  What’s more, through defining and managing processes, our service, change, and release management solutions can help you easily achieve IT compliance. 

Application Services Application Services - Tap into application and IT expertise to help you survive and thrive.
MNJ Software provides rapid, high-quality assessments, deployments, and integration by carefully following established methodologies and using today's best technology solutions. MNJ Software thoroughly validates your sales, marketing and customer service technology needs, providing you confidence in deploying enterprise technology solutions with reduced adoption risk. Learn more

Content Management System Content Management - Manage and Optimize your content.
Content Development Program combined with latest technologies enable us to deliver cutting-edge e-learning solutions.  Learn more

Customer RelationShip Management Customer Relationship Management - Effective CRM strategies  help build long realtion.

MNJ Software offers strategic customer relationship management (CRM) solutions tailored to specific industry processes that can promote growth and profitability by providing a compelling, consistent customer experience across channels.  Learn more

EnterpriseResoucePlanning Enterprise Resouce Planning - Different capabilities according to your needs.
ERP systems have delivered proven value in streamlining enterprise processes, organizations face the associated immense challenges of support, upgrades, integration, change management, and controlling cost and schedule overruns. Learn more

Financial Management Financial Management - Drive successful channels.
Successful enterprises will focus on value, exploit opportunities and act with speed. CFOs are well-positioned to help create a more intelligent, dynamic and integrated enterprise to navigate the new economic environment. Learn more

Marketing & SalesServices Marketing & Sales Services - Effective marketing & sales services can delivering measurable revenue growth.

Marketing, Sales and Service (MSS) practice works with clients to design and implement a differential customer experience which will drive acquisition and retention, whilst identifying new groups. Learn more

Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Management - Align Business with technology. MNJ Software's SCM solutions help in integrating planning, production, and delivery. These solutions improve real-time data sharing and sharpen forecasting. Supply Chain Management is a business system of enterprise strategies, business processes and information technologies for improving the planning, execution and collaboration of material, information, financial and workforce flows in the supply chain. Learn more

Digital Media Digital Media - Enabling new opportunities? The Media & Entertainment industry is uniquely characterized by the growth of immense variety of infotainment delivery channels, each having different characteristics, market requirements and customer preferences. Media conglomerates need technological solutions to cross-leverage their assets, enable innovative business processes and enhance the transparency of revenue streams. Learn more

Intranet Extranet Intranet/Extranet - foundation for your corporate knowledge, project or document management, business-to-business extranet, decision support system Companies’ strategic advantage depends on the ability to access critical information from anywhere, at anytime. We can help you create an Intranet or Extranet framework and develop robust information management system. Learn more