prm stragery deployment

Gain visibility into partner program performance.  You can manage your program more effectively AND reduce your costs with PRM.

PRM can be fully integrated with MNJ CRM, providing the framework to make it easier to collaborate, market, and sell through your partner channels.


MNJ Software offers comprehensive consulting services including:

  • Needs assessment and requirements documentation
  • Implementation and configuration
  • Integration and application development
  • Data migration, enrichment and cleansing
  • Training and support

Who are your top performing partners?  How do you jointly sell and share leads?  What self-service tools are available to empower your partners today?


Maximize the value of your investment in PRM.  Let MNJ Software help you:

  • Brand and internationalize your partner portal
  • Customize and integrate
  • Set up deal registration & lead management
  • Determine pricing management workflow
  • Develop partner and sales analytics, forecasting reports, and dashboards
  • Configure multi-level approvals, folder security and sharing rules
  • Set up processes for communications & document management
  • Create Mash Ups (ex. Mash Up partner information with Google Maps to visualize partner coverage and success)
  • Train your users (internal and partners)

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