distributed development

Distributed software development may be the single biggest challenge facing software organizations. The need to manage development efforts in different locations and time zones, and across cultural or organizational boundaries, amplifies the complexity and cost of modern-day software development. MNJ offers one of the most comprehensive and flexible change and configuration management solutions for geographically distributed software development, enabling team members to work whenever and wherever they like, using an extensive choice of desktop, integrated development environment (IDE), Web and command-line clients.


MNJ's Geographically Distributed Development (GDD) solution offers all the benefits of centralized digital asset management and solves the challenges of distributed software development with innovative capabilities, including:

  • Reaching audiences beyond just developers, such as management, business analysts, architects and testers
  • Centralized integration of your software development life cycle(SDLC).
  • Improved availability, scalability and resiliency, as well as optimized network usage, for remote clients
  • Secured access, communications and digital asset storage
  • Flexible process support customized to your existing processes

Your staff may be distributed across your building, all over the country, or overseas. And your development may involve multiple sites for a single software development project. With MNJ Software, you get precise control of geographically distributed and outsourced development. Specific releases and modules can be created for use by distinct teams, limiting the accessibility of code to outsourced teams if necessary. Outsourced development is separated into its own environment, distinct from in-house development, but can be merged when appropriate. You can control unauthorized access to the code base through role-based security.