disaster recovery solutions

Disaster Recovery Services & Solutions

The best way to ensure Business Continuity for your critical application in today’s internet world is to ensure data protection and disaster recovery.

Our trusted disaster recovery and backup solutions help you to create a geographically redundant disaster recovery solution which never lets your IT infrastructure go down, no matter what. Our fastest tools for backing up virtual machines replicates your primary infrastructure on the fly to ready-to-run clones at secondary infrastructures. This keeps you ready to face any disaster. Our disaster recovery solution offers complete data protection as well as a fail over mechanism, allowing you to operate from secondary locations without restoring the failed VMs, in a matter of minutes in the event of a disaster. This is the reason why so many corporations trust us to create their disaster recovery solutions for their critical IT systems.

What is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster recovery is how a business prepares itself to recover from any negative events including cyber attacks, earthquakes, hurricanes, fire, or equipment failures, which may may harm its IT infrastructure and prevent the business from its regular operation. Part of a Business Continuity Planning or BCP, a comprehensive disaster recovery is needed to help any business recover their hardware, software, and data crucial for to resume their work.

Features of Disaster Recovery Solutions

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Continuous data replication
  • Deployment
  • Automation
  • Centralized management

Benefits of Disaster Recovery Services

  • Minimize downtime or disasters in minutes
  • Consistently backup data cost-effectively
  • Mitigate revenue and employee productivity losses
  • Save on hardware costs
  • Simplify IT administration