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Content Development: Our comprehensive Content Development Program combined with latest technologies enable us to deliver cutting-edge e-learning solutions that:
  • Use interactive and multimedia elements like 2D/3D animations, audio-video, etc.
  • Significantly reduce training costs, shorten development time
  • Have greater flexibility — are easily scalable and quickly deployable
  • Are compliant with corporate, industry and government standards
  • Have an in-built content management system

MNJ Software is an e-learning course developer. We develop e-learning content that can be delivered and integrated into existing e-learning solution programs through any chosen medium.

K-12 E-Learning Solutions

We follow complete K-12 content development backed by thorough research that takes into account the latest learning principles like Bloom's Taxonomy.


We use Re-usable Learning Object (RLO) Strategy to deliver learning solutions based on latest instructional design principles. (Herein, small chunks of content are assigned to the learner. They may include facts, concepts, procedures, principles and processes in easy-to-learn modules)

  • We develop interactive multimedia content with audio-video components
  • We create the storyboard
E-Learning Solutions for Organizations
  • These are designed for organizations that operate from multiple offices and require a training solution that connects people at all locations and provides standardized instructions
  • They may involve web based performance support systems to help employees evaluate their performance, identify their strengths and weaknesses and improve
  • The e-learning solutions simulate actual environment for hands-on practice
  • They also provide online training for organizations in the field of education and training
Content Conversion

Content conversion in which existing learning content can be refurbished, reused and delivered through different mediums, such as:
  • Converting static text into interactive, learner-friendly modules
  • XML based conversion
  • Format compatibility with LMS (Learning Management System)
  • Developing content in different languages
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