industry Expertize

MNJ Software enables organizations across the globe identify key building blocks and to develop optimal solutions with low total cost of ownership.

MNJ Software’s Solution Framework facilitates:

  • Customized Automated Workgroups, Integrated Enterprise and Extended Enterprise Applications
  • Open Architecture to support Content Acquisition and Delivery capabilities for serving content to users through PC, Mobile, PDA, Telephone, Television and other Content Access Devices
  • Scalable Architecture to enable Enterprise Application Integration with a broad install base of existing Applications, Operating Systems and Devices
  • Real-time Information Exchange with Business Intelligence and Forecasting capabilities

Our Solution Framework is engineered to significantly reduce the cost of doing business by seamlessly integrating with the existing business processes in an organization.

When you surround our technology offerings with various MNJ possibilities, you would begin to lay a foundation for a total digital facility, which is our vision for the future.

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