application portfoli orationalization

Aligning IT with business objectives and ensuring that it generates maximum business value, is a primary goal of a CIO. In today's fast track IT environment,it is not unusual to observe that about 75-80% of an organization's IT budget is spent on Application management / maintenance. In addition, over the years legacy applications have become the operational and knowledge backbone of organizations; they are non-negotiable and crucial to business survival. Market research estimates that more than 70% of corporate data still resides on legacy systems. In such a scenario, managing key assets like the Application Portfolio of an organization at an optimal level of efficiency is an important aspect of aligning IT to business.

At MNJ Software we believe that Application Portfolio Management is not just about running multiple enhancement projects or maintaining applications. In a strategic initiative, that IT and business groups should jointly plan and execute, each asset in the Portfolio needs to be assessed in terms of its business value and "total cost of ownership". Similar to a financial portfolio, the application portfolio must be monitored and re-valued continuously and altered to suit the enterprise's business goals.

Our Offerings

Using a workshop driven approach MNJ Software subject matter experts will collaborate with you and help:

  • Define a business case for Application Portfolio Rationalization
  • Identify the best ROI for your Application Portfolio Rationalization Strategy
  • Define an optimal Application Portfolio Rationalization Roadmap
  • Define a Program Management Structure to manage rationalization and sustain it.

A key outcome of this service offering will be:

  • Identifying opportunities for business process improvements
  • Identifying an optimal application architecture.

MNJ Software will use its proprietary frameworks and tools which it has built leveraging its extensive experience of managing client applications. These include:

  • Application Portfolio Rationalization Framework
  • iReturns ROI Assessment Framework
  • Claro Agnitio Assessment Framework.

Our Value Proposition

  • MNJ Software's ROI analysis will ensure that you get a fair idea on your ROI. We will also provide you a fore view of the related demands on infrastructure, people and monetary resources.
  • MNJ Software's Understands the dependency of business processes on the Application Portfolio and has an in-built mechanism in its Application Portfolio Rationalization Framework to offer the best rationalization roadmap which aligns and improves your business processes.