catalog design
The nature of graphic design has changed drastically in the past few years. Print catalogs are still a vital tool in selling your product, but with the competition of online sales, it makes sense to keep both the web and print in mind. Our catalog designs work as printed sales tools, and we complement them with online eCommerce web sites .

Whether online or print, catalogs call for special expertise. We have years of experience, developing, designing, photographing, writing, proofing and printing catalogs for a variety of industries throughout the India.

Catalog design, development and printing require specific expertise. Whether the catalog is online or in print, MNJ has a wealth of experience, providing high-quality catalog designs that complement your other marketing efforts to produce a cohesive message. We develop, design, photograph, write, proof and print catalogs that produce results.

Designing a great product and putting it in a great package will only get you so far. You need collateral material to help close the sale with retailers. Because we spend so much time learning our client’s businesses and getting into the minds of their customers, its just natural for us to handle all of their requirements for catalogs, brochures, and sell sheets.