cloud backup solutions

Need for Cloud Server Backup Services

Data is the most crucial aspect of any business, be it large or small. Cloud backup is one of the most cost-effective and easy way to secure this data. Using cloud backup solution and services, you can create a copy of all your business-critical information to remain hassle-free if anything goes wrong. Cloud backup is highly flexible, as it works on a pay-as-you-go basis, which means scaling it up and down is quick and easy. In addition, as an external party like us, managing the infrastructure is always the responsibility of the vendor.

Cloud Backup Solutions
  • The need to have a backup system can’t be emphasized enough in this present day mission-critical and business-critical environment. The consequence of losing your data can be absolutely catastrophic.
  • Cloud backup solutions by MNJ can step in to save a lot of this lost time and effort; especially if you use a system designed with productivity in mind. Many systems operate automatically each night after you close the office for the night. A little more costly than simply moving all your files to an external hard drive every night, they can streamline everything by only uploading those files that were changed during the day or that underwent regular maintenance. Because it doesn't cut into the workday or require activity on your part (or on the part of your employees), it can quickly become an invaluable business tool.
Cloud Server Backup Services India

A server failure can potentially cost your business millions of dollars. From the time, effort and expertise required in diagnosing the source of the crash, to the time it takes to get the system up and running again, your company will lose out on potential earnings throughout the entire process. Loss of potential customers, employee working time, overtime payment to recoup lost hours, decreased morale, the difficult rebuilding phase and weakened customer loyalty are the tangible and intangible factors that eventually add up to millions in loss.

And, the effects of a server failure can far outlast the date of repair. Protect your company with the right backup software to help get back on track after an infrastructure collapse or to prevent it from happening at all.

MNJ Software offer server backup solutions that will keep your infrastructure backed up and help your critical data to be backed up in our highly redundant data centers. You can trust our reliability and security, as we have years of experience and expertise in data center services. You can bank upon us to backup your servers and other IT infrastructure.

Cloud Data Backup Services - Key points
  • Supports multiple platforms be it physical or virtual, windows or Linux or any database and any other virtualization platform.
  • Fast - Block level backup support and highly flexible scheduling frequency.
  • High Performance guaranteed - Block level storage backup during the initial setup, results in lower disk input-output and shorter backups.
  • Cost effective and affordable - With everything included in the package the solution is end-to-end which makes it highly cost effective.
  • Easy to use and monitor - The deployment takes only minutes and with a very friendly user interface monitoring panel the monitoring becomes easy as well.
  • Highly Scalable – Manage multiple servers with a single interface and you can add to the existing lot as well very easily.
  • A proven Solution – The solutions is being used by thousands of organizations across the globe which proves its reliability.
  • Easy and Quick Restoration – no matter how large is your server the restoration takes minimum possible time.
Laptop & Desktop Backup Solution - Key Features & Benefits

Key Features
  • Automated data backups for all business critical data on user desktops and laptops.
  • Fast and efficient backup process through patch backup technology.
  • Minimal impact on user activities during the backup process.
  • Protecting confidential user data from unauthorized access through a 128 bit robust data encryption method.
  • Fast and wizard-driven restoration process.
  • Backup of open files through integration with Microsoft VSS.
  • File versioning system for restoring previous versions of files.
  • Deduplication data compression technique to save "only a single copy" of content being duplicated across users. This technique can take up to 10 times faster backup, and reduces over 90% bandwidth and storage.
  • Powerful data compression based on the ZLIB algorithm.
  • Supports numerous users and data storage, along with scaling up whenever needed. It also offers enterprise-level deployment facilities, high performance, and easy manageability.

  • Automatic protection and archival process of business data without user involvement or interruption.
  • Compliance with corporate governance & risk management policies is easier through reliable data protection methodology.
  • Deployment and control process by means of an intuitive interface makes the process simple and fast.
  • Reduced wastage of resources and time. Hence, no interruption happens in user productivity.