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3D Exhibition Display Service

If you want to turn your preface designs or ideas into photorealistic visualisations, then MNJ is here to assist you. We can generate accurate and realistic depictions of your exhibition displays.
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3D Exhibition display
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3D exhibition displays feature an extensive array of stereoscopic images capable of being viewed at various angles. At MNJ we are equipped with different types of exhibition and display graphical technologies. As part of our 3D exhibition displays service, we can create photo-realistic representations, presentations, animated computer walk throughs and 3D computer generated models. Production methods range from traditional photographic techniques to modern digital technologies that are now used all throughout the industry. With Maa’s expertise and attention to detail, we guarantee 3D exhibition displays produced to the highest quality.

3D Product Modeling

At MNJ we have an experienced team of designers, creating high quality 3D product models as per your requirements.

Today, 3D product modelling technology is used by a number of industries;- visual effects for new products, 3D rendering within engineering, building plans or vehicle designs and video or presentations.

Being a full service design firm, MNJ’s 3D product modelling service can also be used to design and create more realistic product modals, characters, mascots and many other objects.

The MNJ Design team consists of skilled and experienced artists and designers who have the expertise to provide advanced 3D modelling solutions.

3D Architectural Rendering Service

Architectural rendering is a powerful and popular tool used in the planning and development of building and interior space design. At Maa we are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality, dimensionally accurate architectural renderings. We praise ourselves in being able to manipulate graphic design to effectively depict real dimensions, accurate colours, contours, materials and textures.

As part of our architectural rendering, we provide the following services:

  • High-tech photo-realistic architectural rendering.
  • Architecturally accurate 3D illustrations.
  • New construction and interior space project designs
  • Technical illustrations
  • Panoramic virtual tours

MNJ’s architectural renderings are used in construction site kiosks, visual impact studies, concept design, sales offices, group presentations, website applications, investor relations, print media, and product marketing. Our exterior architectural rendering allows you to evaluate alternative options and styles.

Our categories for architectural rendering include walk through and panoramic renderings, light and shadow architectural renderings, ‘fly by' animations, renovation and still renderings. As well as realistic black-and-white conceptual sketches or coloured and textured elevations.

For more information about any of our products or services, please contact us via phone or e-mail. You can discuss your requirements with our experienced 3D exhibition display team.