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Secure SSL Certificate Solutions

SSL certification is one technique that is immensely successful in securing your website. Any organization requires the installation of the SSL Certificate onto its web server to start a secure browser session. At MNJ, we are committed to secure your clients, while they’re undertaking any online transactions through your website. We are a trusted and authorized service provider in availing SSL certificates here in India. Right from the installation of SGC SSL certificates, SAN SSL certificate, EV SSL certificate, Digital certificates and Code signing, we help procuring security certificates from leading certificate providers such as Symantec, Thawte, Comodo, Globalsign and Geotrust.

What is Secure Socket Layer (SSL) ?

The Secure Sockets Layer is responsible for data protection over http, by incorporating encryption capabilities of a web server’s SSL Certificate. An SSL Certificate comprises a public key and a private key. While the public key finds usage in information encryption, the private key is used to decipher the encrypted information. Whenever, the browser points to a secure domain, authentication is achieved between the server and client, through an SSL handshake. Thereby, an encryption method authenticates the connection, and generates a distinct session key, signifying that a secure connection has been established, that guarantees the privacy and the integrity of the message transferred.

SSL Certificate:

The SSL certificate is responsible to authenticate the web server’s identity and encrypt the information for the server, through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.

Post-installation of your Symantec Server ID, an automatic activation of the SSL is achieved, by your server. This creates a secure channel for communications, between your server and your client’s web browser. Thereby, your site can securely communicate securely with any user who has access to Microsoft Internet Explorer/Netscape Navigator. Once activated through your Server ID, the SSL certificate enables secure online transactions and confidential information flow, to and fro from your website.

Why SSL Certificates is Necessary for Websites

Let us understand why web-sites do need an SSL certificate:

  • Real world scenarios make it imperative for the existence and registration of a legal.
  • The existence of companies and their physical location are readily evident in the real world.
  • This is not same in the cyber world, wherein domain names could be easily cyber squatted.
  • There is no way one could link a website to a physical company.
  • The cost of communication of informing people about the correct website is pretty expensive.
  • Privacy on the net can be easily violated; hence, it needs to be respected.
  • As a user, nobody would want to be redirected to any incorrect or malicious website.

Why SSL and Security Solutions

Let us now understand in detail, how every website requires an encrypted communication channel.

1. Informative Web-site:

Several websites provide information to end users such as product details, its prices and much more. As the user, one does have several questions regarding the authenticity of the company they’re dealing with over the Internet, such as-

  • How could one distinguish on the internet that www.satyaminfoway.com and www.satyam-infoway.com belong to the same company or not?
  • How can you be sure that you’re dealing with the same company on the Internet, as in the physical world?
  • Do you need an official confirmation from the company, or simply TRUST is sufficient, regarding the company’s existence.

2. Interactive Web-site:

Such websites pose the above mentioned questions along with several others, such as – Are the websites respecting the privacy of their clients?

Just having a plain privacy statement, is of no use. As a website owner, it’s imperative that you make your clients comfortable in providing sensitive information through the Internet.

3. Transaction Oriented web-sites:

Any transaction oriented website requires security and encryption through SSL certificate from an authentic SSL provider.

4. E-CRM oriented web-sites:

Same as the other websites mentioned above, an SSL certificate is imperative for them to procure.

What we offer:

  • Single Domain
  • Wild Card
  • Multi Domain
  • Subject Alternative Name SSL