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Employee Relations, Personnel/HR Records, Health & Safety


Placement/Search Services - When you are seeking top talent for short or long term needs


Recruitment Process Outsourcing(RPO) - Screen more candidates, save time, and save money.


Permanent/Temporary/Contract Employment - Matching talent with opportunity.


Driven By Technology, Speed and Customer Success, Faster on-boarding while mitigating risks


Superior support & Hand-holding-Enable businesses be on the right side of the Law


A human resources services provider offering customizable and scalable solutions to a variety of sectors. We assist you to increase workforce productivity, offload hr compliance and administrative tasks, focus on strategic goals, obtain the tools and resources you need to optimize your workforce operations,employer of record services, human capital management solutions, contingent workforce recruitment.

Increase recruitment efficiency.Control hiring costs.Improve workforce performance.Attract and acquire the most highly qualified candidates.

Your worker, our employee.Reduce time and resources on hiring, employing and onboarding.

Improve quality of hire. Reduce internal costs.Temporary/seasonal employees. Medium and long-term engagements – from entry- to senior- and professional-level positions.

Dedicated on-site teams with a single point of contact. Manage all on-site human resource functions of your facility’s contingent workforce, allowing you to focus on strategic business goals.

Control costs. Increase operational efficiencies. VMS provides an effective method of managing contingent labor to achieve your business objectives.

Temporary staffing options enable you to adapt to fluctuating business demands and keep up with peak workloads, without adding staff to your full-time roster.

Turn data into intelligent & actionable insights

To attract and retain today’s top candidates, HR leaders must have an authentic and compelling employment value proposition.

What is your workforce strategy? We offer the highest quality talent community to ensure your access to qualified candidates.

If compliance, legal processes, and employee relations are your challenges, our services can minimize your exposure to risk.

How effective is your talent acquisition team? Are you properly using resources? MNJ identifies inefficiencies and solutions.

Through succession planning, employee retention initiatives, and training and development, we give you the leverage you need.

For organizations with poor brand recognition, our programs establish you as the employer of choice in your industry sector.

Are your managers slow to hire new personnel or ineffective interviewers? We establish effective talent acquisition programs.

Too many vendors can lead to inconsistent processes and lack of consistency. MNJ offers superior vendor management solutions.

Are you dealing with runaway costs? We identify the breakdowns and implement proven solutions to balance spending with ROI.

Use data to drive decisions. We all have opinions and ideas, but at MNJ Software we like to add value to the business.


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