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What resource we have? What we have to achieve? Our Strategic decide the outcome. So, Outsmart limited resources with unlimited innovations and our IT mangers find solutions to core business problems?


You are asked to undertake complex IT projects driven by your business priorities. Learn how other businesses are framing these core issues. Explore IT solutions that address them. Find the tools you need to make decisions. Help your team understand the challenges, so you can start solving them, together.

Software Change Management Software Change Management - An Integrated & Centralized Software Change Management Solution
Change happens. The problem is managing that change successfully in an ever-increasingly complex environment, especially when there's geographically distributed teams handling high volumes of digital assets and activity requests coming from multiple stakeholders.  Learn more

Content Management System Content Management System
Content Development Program combined with latest technologies enable us to deliver cutting-edge e-learning solutions.  Learn more

Data Management Data Management - Collect, Track, Control.
Quality data, consistent across the enterprise, can drive significant business benefits. From enabling intelligent business decisions to ensuring customer delight and regulatory compliance, it can positively impact your organization. Efficient processes and effective governance are critical to achieve this goal. Learn more

Cost Management Cost Management - Manage costs by doing more with less
Effective IT cost management with enterprises has risen in recent months from a “due-diligence” type of an activity, to a starting point on what business and IT priorities enterprises should fund…or continue to support. Learn more

Distribution Management Distribution Management - Drive successful channels.
Shifting business environments are causing a growing number of IT managers to rethink how they handle distribution management. Growing dependence on extended and diffuse partner networks, for instance is creating new operational complexities that have put a strain on traditional management practices. Learn more

Enterprise Application Integration Enterprise Application Integration - Link applications, services, databases and legacy systems.
Align IT investments with business priorities. Translate strategy into effective change. MNJ Software works on standards-based integration suites that combine the power of a standards-based Enterprise Service Bus with easy-to-use tools for the deployment of distributed workflows across heterogeneous networks. Learn more

System Management System Management - Provide effective administration of IT assets, improve availability and enable business resiliency.
When we look at how organizations are attempting to reduce costs and build agility into operations, several initiatives are prevalent that must drive change in systems management thinking. Learn more

Virtualization Virtualization - Simplify your IT infrastructure, reduce costs, increase utilization, improve management.
Virtualization of the IT back room has already helped enterprises simplify, consolidate, and realize new flexibility and performance in server farms, data storage, and networks. Learn more

Work Force Productivity Work Force Productivity - In this economy a productive workforce will be competitive advantage.
With reduced budgets, smaller workforces and shrinking revenues, the most productive organizations are the ones that will survive this economy - and capitalize best from it. MNJ has the experience, insight and adaptability to help organizations improve workforce productivity and gain a competitive edge.  Learn more