optimizing supply chains

The supply chain management (SCM) services team has the experience, skills and assets to help you identify untapped sources of value across your enterprise.

What sets us apart is the credentials of our people. All senior-level consultants possess supply chain experience across various industries. All application consultants attain 'vendor certification' status in one or more supply-chain applications.

In delivering services, we tie process improvements to operational metrics and impact financial line items — return on assets (ROA) is the primary measure of performance. Leading supply chains have specific characteristics and, through our capabilities and offerings, we move companies from a lagging to a leading position in their industry. Clients buy our experience, assets and expertise.

Supply chain management issues Today, among the key industry trends we see are:
  • Trading partner collaboration for focus on top-line revenue growth
  • Value-chain optimisation for cost reduction and profit improvement
  • Business process outsourcing and e-business on demand initiatives
  • Self-funding projects for rapid return on investment (ROI)
At the same time, our clients are experiencing challenges in several areas, including:
  • Cost pressures and decreased profits due to excess and obsolete inventory
  • Decline in customer satisfaction due to poor on-time delivery and lack of available-to-promise (ATP)
  • Electronic procurement has not consistently delivered on the promise of value
  • Point solutions have not delivered results across the entire value chain
  • Product innovation by competitors eroding market share.
Further, there are critical business drivers that our clients are attempting to meet:
  • Improved shareholder value through cost reduction and accelerated growth
  • Leaner, customer driven supply chains
  • Improved supplier relationships through effective supply chain integration
  • New products brought to market faster, cheaper, and better