game development

India is fast emerging as a key destination for game design & development. AC Nielsen estimates Indian gaming market to hit $50 million in 2005.

MNJ Software is one of the world's top-notch Gaming aggregators having the expertise of technology behind the world's most successful Gaming Solutions. Powered by a team of qualified experts not only in software development but in gaming as well, it is a culmination of years of extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of Gaming operations. With the rapidly changing developments in gaming applications and hardware technology, we are staying abreast with the industry and constantly seeking new products and services for the clients.

MNJ has extensive experience in developing:
  • Gaming Portals
  • Gaming Engines
  • Flash based Games
  • Java Based Games
MNJ Specialize in developing:
  • Web
  • Desktop
  • Mobile

MNJ Game Development Business Unit specializes in outsourced game production services. We deliver high-quality game production including graphic design, character development, programming, mathematics, level design and quality assurance/game testing.

  • Our clients are large and medium-size Western game companies willing to increase their production capacity, while keeping costs under control. We have established dedicated teams for our clients in India.
  • We offer offshore resources, technology and capacity to optimize game development in all fields where outsourcing can bring tangible benefits.
  • Depending on customer needs, we assemble teams combining the right skills and a level of management adapted to the complexity of the project. For larger projects, our model also lets us dedicate onshore resources to work alongside your team, either simply as a bridge to the offshore team or as a temporary staff complement.
  • Alternatively, we have the ability to build dedicated Offshore Game Development Center for our larger customers who would like to benefit from our facilities in India to establish and host their own team.
  • We want MNJ to become the outsourced production partner of choice for leading game developers and publishers.
MNJ’s game development teams are engaged for developing, porting and testing games across various platforms like internet, PC, broadband/multi-user, mobile phones, PDAs, handheld gaming devices and consoles.