life at mnj

You know the drill. Pick any hot software-consulting employer, hit the jobs section of the Web site, and brace yourself for a heavy dose of same-old. Choose one from each of the major keyword groups. It's like some company out there showcasing how complex it's recruiting application is.

Now here you are on the MNJ Software website, probably wondering why you should believe what we say about our culture. MNJ Software knows up front that we are a small group of closely-knit people and aren't going to win you over with a few words on a "Life at MNJ Software " page, but we also figure you're going to ask around before you bother applying. So let us tell you briefly why we think we're different.

Yes, we have flexi-timings, weekly meetings, activity reports, management games and project methodology practices in place. That's industry-default these days. Good luck finding cubicle farms or fights. People pretty much set their own hours, and every day is Casual Friday. If someone doesn't like any aspect of how we function, he can voice his opinion before everyone.

But, to be honest, MNJ Software is all about people. Yes, Peps (that's what we call each other) are smart and creative and diverse and all the neat things employees at other software companies are supposed to be. But in addition to the educational accolades and professional pedigrees and bleeding-edge portfolios, we're interested in the person behind the résumé.

At MNJ Software the people are great, and there's usually somebody up for a game of cricket or a cup of tea when you need a break. So bring your sense of adventure and creativity, because at MNJ Software , we love all facets of a person. MNJ Software knows the strengths, weaknesses and liking of each team member.

In the "new economy" you work hard or you perish. But when you like where you are, what you do, and whom you're doing it with, hard work doesn't always seem so hard. Being around nice people is a good thing under any circumstances, but at MNJ Software we believe that people liking each other makes good business sense, too.

Though all our people have the best education background and are technically brilliant, you would find them to be absolutely normal and down-to-earth. We are all ultimate dreamers, fiercely ambitious and are driven by goals… yet we strongly believe in simply MNJ as their way of life! So please, ask around. Then, apply to us.