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IBM Cloud Softlayer Backup Service

SoftLayer provides cloud infrastructure as a service, they have growing numbers of data centers across regions. IBM Softlayer have unbounded list of customers ranging from Startups to Enterprises.

IBM Softlayer services include bare metal servers, virtual servers, networking, turnkey big data solutions, and more. Solutions offered by Softlayer includes Big Data, Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Gaming, Government, Private Clouds and Reseller Hosting.

IBM Cloud Softlayer Web Hosting Services includes

  • IBM Softlayer Storage - One can choose a range of scalable storage options on a secure private network with available replication. Storage options are fully customizable and include object, SAN, NAS, CDN and QuantaStor.
  • IBM Softlayer Networking - Users can update, provision or configure the network resources as requirements dictate. Customers can access the VPN to Softlayer storage using DirectLink or through physical connections in 24 data centers.
  • IBM Softlayer Security - The platform has a range of options for physical and operational security, including offers of hardware-assisted security upon request.
  • IBM Softlayer Development - Development options of SoftLayer include messages and notification to make converting video for content distribution and mail relay service scalable and easier automation, audio and scalability.
  • IBM Softlayer Management- Customers can use all management tools SoftLayer on physical and virtual servers. The imaging server, recovery and testing tools are all automated. Monitoring and reporting integrates the SoftLayer's more than 200 services.
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Interested in IBM SoftLayer backup solutions?

Softlayer provides powerful Servers, Storage, Networking, Security options for your business. Contact our certified cloud experts to know how IBM Softlayer can be helpful for your cloud infrastructure and environment.