smarter email

Smartermail is the next generation mailing solution that is an alternative to Microsoft exchange. This system offers high stability, resource efficiency and reduced maintenance costs. MNJ Software offer the best-in-class smartermail solutions that are highly scalable and customizable. With years of experience in the mailing solutions market, we are a name that you can trust and bank upon.

Key points

  • Highly secure with industry standard anti-spam and antivirus
  • Ease of administration with web based interface and automated tasks.
  • High performance instant messenger which supports multiple platforms
  • Streamlined and seamless integration with 3rd party products
  • Platform independent synchronization
  • Hassle free and smooth migration from other mailing platforms.
  • Archiving available both at system level and domain level
  • Enhanced contact and communication management capabilities
  • Remote wipeout feature available


  • Mail Server Protocols like POP3,LDAP,IMAP & SMTP

Migration and Converters

  • Mailbox migration for email, calendar, contacts and tasks
  • Mail server converters for a wide variety of competitors


  • Compatible with a wide variety of control panel companies
  • Add/edit domains and users, tasks, notes, RSS feeds


  • Exchange ActiveSync support
  • CalDAV and CardDAV support
  • Exchange Web Services support
  • Webmail personal and shared calendars, tasks and notes

Instant Messaging

  • Dedicated Instant messaging server
  • Search, view and print archived chats
  • Multiple client compatibility


  • Incoming and outbound spam checking
  • Spam checking on POP3 message retrieval
  • Spam quarantine for outgoing mails
  • Reverse DNS checking
  • Greylisting
  • Configurable spam weights for system, domain and users
  • Configurable spam headers
  • SMTP authentication for outgoing messages

Security/Attack Prevention

  • Incoming and outgoing TLS & SSL
  • AD/LDAP authentication available
  • Restrict administrator access via IP
  • Industry standard antivirus

Reporting and monitoring

  • Real-time monitoring and reporting
  • Advanced summary/trend reports
  • Data drill down for summary report
  • Exporting of reports to multiple formats


  • Multiple administrator accounts with access control
  • Remote wipe of mobile devices
  • Support for auto-discovery

Miscellaneous features

  • Gateway authentication with other SmarterMail
  • Spam checking available on gateways
  • Customized command messages
  • Message prioritization of mailing list
  • Subscriber custom fields
  • Upload attachments in the background
  • Low bandwidth interface for Smartphones
  • Spell-check in 17 languages