business process management

How Will We Ever Get There?

You’re in charge of aligning business with IT, managing costs, and getting a good return on your IT investment. You have a growing list of IT issues that you have to deal with everyday from integrating legacy applications to managing multiple, growing user requests and changes in all your applications. You must get both IT operations and development to understand that projects must be delivered on time and on budget—all the time.

Keeping costs down for all the tools and hardware that IT and development must use to get their jobs done can be an ongoing battle and requires careful management of your resources, business, and people. And that has to be done while keeping them productive, but without taking away their motivation. Whether it’s getting a good return on investment, minimizing disruptions to business, or achieving regulatory compliance, managing all of this is too often a formidable challenge. And if that isn’t enough, it all needs to get done with control and accountability. But how will you ever get there and stay there? 

We Help Get You There.

Our solutions give you control by proxy, because our approach to process management allows you to automatically view and monitor everything that happens in IT—from change requests to deployment; from service requests or incident reporting to resolution. At every step of the software development lifecycle or within your network operations, we track workflow and processes—no matter where anything or anyone is located.

We keep everyone in the loop so that you have confidence that business and IT are on the same page and that projects are going in the right direction. You get complete visibility into your worldwide IT assets—your network, your staff, and project status which means control at all levels, within all roles. You will know what’s happening at any time and be armed with the most pertinent information right at your fingertips and meet regulations easily—over and over again. And that kind of control ensures you can predictably deliver better quality software and services on time and within budget, reduce business disruptions, achieve regulatory compliance, and keep costs down, which contributes to your bottom line.

Aligning Business and IT. Really!

Don’t you hear this mantra —align IT with business— all the time? We do. We know businesses have to build quality, mission-critical software quickly, all the while containing costs; and, at the same time, making sure regulatory compliance is met. And IT operations need to be able to handle and manage service requests and resolve the issues to meet business timelines. But if you can’t easily see and administer everything required to meet business objectives, it can be a daunting task.

Our solutions enable you to view and trace all requests and changes from enhancement or bug fixes all the way through to production; from incident reporting or service requests to resolution. We provide the information needed for business and IT to quickly chat over complex IT requirements or simple application changes to allow for alignment of goals.

Meeting Regulations.

Simply put, we allow your company to automatically view, capture, and track everything necessary to satisfy regulatory standards such as SOX, PCI, and HIPAA, to name a few. Our solutions enforce workflow and best practices, resulting in overseeing the entire lifecycle process or IT operations from beginning to end. We instantly populate and generate the necessary reports to help you achieve regulatory compliance.

Overseeing Staff.

Because our solutions provide detailed and accurate views of everything from one console, you can always see who is doing what, how they are doing it, how long it takes, and when schedules are being met or missed. We enable you to manage your staffing resources with ease.

Improving Your Bottom Line.

Just ask our customers who have repeatedly experienced how using our solutions quickly translates into cost savings and improved ROI. Errors are reduced, administrative functions are automated, and duplication of efforts are eliminated and, voila, you’ve reduced your costs.

Getting IT Stuff Done On Time and On Budget.

Whether you are delivering software or resolving IT issues, the pressure is great to deliver them on time and budget. But we know, that nearly two thirds of IT projects are either abandoned, finish late, delivered over budget, or fall short of business expectations. But you won’t hear that from our customers. By automating administrative functions and enforcing defined processes, we’ll help you increase productivity and deliver better products and services on time and within budget—time after time period.

These and other challenges are driving the adoption of 'process approach' in enterprises. The advantage of taking a process centric approach has been well-documented and most organizations having a process framework in place have reported an increase in operational efficiencies, customer satisfaction and corporate profits.

The 'process framework' or business process approach tends to look at the value chain business process and seeks to optimize this by driving out inefficiencies due to sub optimal processes to design an end to end optimized process.

MNJ Software's Business Process Management (BPM) solution enable enterprises to incorporate KPI driven, process centric agile solutions that help organizations address need for end-to-end visibility, process discipline, process flexibility and process management.

Our BPM Offerings

Our Business Process Management solutions and service offerings include:

Process Consulting Services

  • BPM strategy and roadmap
  • Product evaluation and selection
  • Business process modeling
  • Process re-engineering & optimization

Process Implementation Services

  • BPM suite implementation
  • Production support

Specialized Services

  • Composite application frameworks
  • Reference template-based rapid ROI deployment.

Business process management may be on the lips of many, but it is being actively pursued as a dedicated discipline by relatively few in the corporate world. This is one conclusion of a critical study on BPM from the folks at AIIM. The non-profit organisation says that 57 percent of respondents surveyed reported the absence of a specific group responsible for BPM initiatives in their organisations.

As a result, many IT managers are confused and potentially misinformed about the actual state of business process effectiveness in their organisations.

“Whether processes are documented or undocumented, manual or automated, optimised or sub-par, [knowing this status is] the core of any functioning organisation,” states AIIM Vice President Carl Frappaolo. “The spread of process excellence, from the manufacturing industry into the world of ‘knowledge workers,’ across all industries, has been a long, slow journey. And many have yet to embark on the journey.”

Perhaps the biggest shift that must take place is in the minds of IT managers.

Rather than thinking of BPM as a project that has a beginning middle and an end, it should be conceived as an ongoing activity that is tied to all technology and business activities that are critical to enterprise operations.