Our view: E-learning solution tailor-made to make training easy has been among our prime focus areas of specialization since our very inception. We develop customized computer based training development software. Quality and simple-to-use training methods are the USP of our e-learning solutions.

What we Offer

Business Solutions

We are an e-learning solution and training methods provider specializing in computer based training development software and e-learning websites. Our comprehension of learning theories, delivery mechanisms and latest technologies enable us to deliver high quality e-learning solutions that:
  • Clearly define learning objectives and their relevance to the learner
  • Maintain uniform high quality
  • Use interactive and multimedia elements like 2D/3D animations, audio-video, etc.
  • Significantly reduce training costs and lead to increased productivity of end user
  • Shorten development time and lower costs
  • Have greater flexibility — are easily scalable and quickly deployable
  • Are compliant with corporate, industry and government standards
Our elearning consulting expertise banks on our impressive content development proficiency — with capability to deliver customized content management systems and integrated with various Learning Management Systems (LMS). With rich experience in developing top quality training methods through e-learning solutions, we design computer based training (CBT) and web based training (WBT) in education courses that can, depending on your needs, be either instructor-led or on CD-ROM or Internet or a mix of different modes of training. These include:
  • Stand-alone CD-ROMs
  • CD-ROMs that evaluate how much the user has been able to learn from it
  • CD-ROMs with integrated video that access Internet/Intranet sites for latest information
  • Internet solutions or in other words, e-learning websites (may include interactive chat, videos and full course management controls) to provide access to users worldwide and evaluate their skills
  • Intranet solutions to provide access to all employees on the network and report to a central database
  • Solutions for Organizations
  • These are designed for organizations that operate from multiple offices and require a training solution that connects people at all locations and provides standardized instructions
  • They may involve web based performance support systems to help employees evaluate their performance, identify their strengths and weaknesses and improve
  • The e-learning solutions simulate actual environment for hands-on practice
  • They also provide online training for organizations in the field of education and quality training

Customer operations transformation
Solve cost and service challenges associated with customer care processes.

Corporate support services
Manage functions such as finance, HR, risk management and shared services, including IT and procurement.

Business Consulting
Services to fuel success for education sector and institutions,colleges, universities

Technology services
IT services for the education institutions, colleges, universities