enterprise application integration

Applications and Data
Applications and Data play a vital role in corporate survival today. Businesses have invested significantly in upgrading their IT hardware into massively scalable infrastructures. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) tools leverage the underlying IT infrastructure, and support enterprise-wide deployment of integrated applications.

While the underlying hardware IT infrastructure has progressed to a true peer-to-peer resource network, Application Integration Platforms (AIP) have lagged with earlier generations of centralized hub-and-spoke or Integration bus oriented architectures that do not leverage all the computing and storage power available at the end-points of networks. Resulting operational inefficiencies between the AIP and IT infrastructures lead to greater deployment complexities and costs.

MNJ Software works on standards-based integration suites that combine the power of a standards-based Enterprise Service Bus with easy-to-use tools for the deployment of distributed workflows across heterogeneous networks. EAI tools like Fiorano Business Integration Suiteā„¢ (Previously Tifosi) allow existing legacy and packaged applications to be used as building blocks from which distributed integration solutions can be rapidly synthesized.

MNJ Software offers a number of benefits over existing EAI solutions, including faster implementation and deployment cycles, creating a flexible e-infrastructure for future expansion, offering a high degree of reuse, easy extensibility, seamless interoperability and an improved ROI.
standards-based integration