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Our focus is to provide emerging and growing organizations the workforce tools that allow them to be employers of choice in their markets. MNJ Software does this by focusing our efforts on managing the

Workforce Lifecycle: Plan - Acquire - Integrate - Retain - Rehire.
MNJ Software builds its services "a' la carte" to meet the needs of both full-service outsourcing clients and those with specific areas of focus. Whether you require HR Outsourcing, Recruitment, Outplacement Services, Skills Testing, Behavioral Assessments or Background Checks MNJ Software is ready helping you manage your workforce needs.

Advantage MNJ Software
  • Improve Business Focus
    Control Costs For Independent Software Vendors And Technology Companies.
  • Maintain Company Identity
    Corporate/company branding is playing an increasing role in workforce recruitment. Unlike the use of recruiters and staffing agencies; MNJ Software allows you to maintain your company identity - a valuable tool for creating the most qualified and talented pool of candidates for your workforce needs.
  • Share Risks
    There are tremendous risks associated with the investments an organization makes in their workforce recruitment. When companies outsource they become more flexible, dynamic, and able to adapt to changing opportunities and problems.
  • Save Money
    MNJ Software will cost you a fraction of what is spent on internal recruitment and average recruiter or staffing services .
workforce lifecycle

MNJ Software provides a cost effective, results-driven solution for meeting these requirements. Our unique approach to recruitment will create a strong partnership and provide key benefits to your organization. For ongoing and large scale recruitment needs; MNJ Software provides value-added services to optimize talent recruitment.