Facing the unpredictable economy, customers are increasingly demanding the flexibility, which best serves, their unique business strategies. MNJ Software provides the option of a combination of business models to suit various phases of a project cycle. There are two approaches for recruitment and training, which are as follows:

MNJ Software’s Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model 

 build operate transfer model
This Build-Operate-Transfer Model suits independent software vendors and companies who are interested in the benefits of an offshore subsidiary but are concerned about the inherent risks. In this model, companies could rapidly commence offshore operations and own an entire offshore facility with a minimal investment. It can be defined by explaining each of the three steps:
  1. Build an offshore facility for the customer, using MNJ Software’s personnel, knowledge and infrastructure as core resources.
  2. Operate the offshore facility and customize it in order to provide the right tools for satisfying the customer's needs; the activities include Program Database Management, Custom Website Development, QA, Software Application, Maintenance, Enhancement and Product Support.
  3. Transfer the complete ownership of the facility and resources to the client.

Clients can realize following benefits by working with BOT model:

  • Increases Flexibility
  • Reduce Management Overhead
  • Control Costs For Independent Software Vendors And Technology Companies.
  • Leverages MNJ Software’s Exceptional Development Campus In India.
  • To make new scenarios possible
  • More Flexible Transfer Timing
  • Ongoing Hybrid Management Services
  • Seamless ‘Start Small And Scale As Needed’ Options.
  • Unparalleled Flexibility And Scalability
  • Offers clients the option to maintain a fully operating subsidiary.
  • Increases post transfer management support options.
  • Access to outstanding amenities and personnel that reduces your attrition
  • Increases your security
  • Lowers your costs.
MNJ Software believes that the BOT Model is essentially a way for any client to set up a subsidiary in India in a phased, carefully managed, low risk manner. Client would benefit a lot from employing this model. Not only can they reduce their risks but also smoothly establish their roots into Indian market with higher efficiency and flexibility. However, once established, we believe the subsidiary should not just be about cutting costs; it should be a beachhead for creating and servicing new markets in the Asia Pacific and Middle Eastern regions. We have personnel experienced in executing this model successfully, and the infrastructure and operational flexibility to tailor a strategy that meets your short and long term business requirements.

MNJ Software’s FEE Based (Extended Team) Model

offers clients services that would normally be a part of client’s workforce. For MNJ Software, the benefits of a focus on outsourcing include the ability to offer a full range of the Company's services to clients, the ability to smooth revenue by providing fee-based services. Components of fee-based model are: 

  • MNJ Software helps Companies articulate the SCOPE of its recruitment needs
  • MNJ Software through its Local offices looks for employees using its various resources
  • MNJ Software goes through the whole process from looking for the right candidate to finding the right employee for Client
  • MNJ Software handles all the Human Resource functions for Client
  • MNJ Software with approval from Client then hires the employee
  • MNJ Software works through all this for a fixed price
  • MNJ Software then hands over the Operation to Client
To sum it all up in a fee-based model MNJ Software’s role is limited defined and strict to the scope of the project. Once the employees are recruited and hired with an approval from Client for MNJ Software’s role ends and project is handed over to Client.
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