online support

Applying the latest electronic technologies, we have created a class of interactive support services that provide access to vast sources of problem-solving information. These allow you to be more productive with your time and let you connect with other users.

  • MNJ Software: Access personalized, proactive support with email updates, customized support pages, the ability to add your own portlets to access other sites, and more.
  • Case Management: Log new cases in our Technical Support Database with pertinent files attached; update case information; check case progress; and view a list of cases at your convenience.
  • Solved Cases: Find answers by searching through our solved cases database. By reviewing the solved cases database, you can find information on situations similar to yours, then put the solution to work for you. NEW! Now Solved Cases Access Only Contacts are included with SupportNow Standard and Enterprise plans, plus additional contracts can be purchased. Use of these contacts let you enable specific information-only contacts for research and problem solving. And allow you to reserve other support services such as case logging and Software Downloads to your selected support staff.
  • Technical Documents: Your complete digest of the latest support-related technical information, including tech notes, FAQs, certification and problem reports, white papers, and more. You can easily search for or set your profile to view all the technical documents through our personalized site.
  • Software Downloads: Easily download software or quickly locate information regarding fixed bugs.
  • Community Forums/Newsgroups: For fast and flexible idea exchange, Community Forums/Newsgroups let you communicate with product engineers and other users about your specific issues. Each Community Forum/Newsgroup is categorized by product, so finding the information and resources you need is easy.
  • Product Manuals: Our product- and platform-specific manuals are posted online so you can quickly pinpoint the information you require.

Access to some online services is dependent on the level of support you have purchased. If you are a Technical Support Contact, you have access to ALL the information resources listed above. If you are not a Technical Support Contact and/or are without a support plan, you still have access to several of these areas.